Jeylú Gutiérrez is the District Director for Cook County Commissioner Alma Anaya. Jeylú was born in Mexico and has called the southwest side of Chicago her home for over 10 years. She is the loving and hard-working mother to a kindergartner and a 1-year-old and resides in Brighton Park.
Jeylú brings decades of experience in public service and has devoted the majority of her life to helping others. In her most recent role in Cook County, she was the architect of a very successful district outreach campaign in her community. Through her leadership and hard work, the district was able to get over 10,000 residents counted on the southwest side of Chicago and exceed Census expectations. Because of the hard work and dedication of her and others alongside her, our neighborhoods are in a better position to receive badly needed resources and funding. 
Jeylú gets things done. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she worked tirelessly to find and deliver resources to the hardest-hit communities in the state. Through existing and newly founded relationships with community and other charitable groups, she spearheaded over 50 events, and collaborated on over 50 additional events, to make a direct impact on over 30,000 individuals in 2020 alone. These included the distribution of food, hygiene products, PPE, school supplies, and the organization of COVID-19 testing sites, and vaccination clinics.
Jeylú is a leader, and serves as a school board member at St. Bruno Catholic School, and is a former-elected member of the Local School Council at Hernandez Middle School. Prior to working in government, Jeylú served as a Community Liaison, Student Advocate & Assistant Counselor for Chicago Public Schools (CPS). In those roles, she applied herself to building relationships with community organizations, and connecting families to vital services, scholarships, and after-school programs. 

Priority Issues

PUBLIC SAFETY Everyone deserves the right to live in peace and be able to raise their children without fear of violence. Leaders need to work with all community stakeholders, including police, to find common-sense solutions that can put an end to tragic incidents. Gun violence has almost become normalized, but we as a city and as a country must continue to push to keep weapons off the hands of dangerous individuals. 
PUBLIC SERVICES The office of the Alderperson needs to meet people where they are and make the services accessible. People need to feel supported by their local government, and public servants need to do the hard work to reach everyone. Crumbling infrastructure needs to be replaced and requests need to be filled in a timely manner. 
EDUCATION Our communities are some of the youngest and fastest growing communities in the state. All of our local schools must have the necessary resources to foster a proper learning environment. Programming and support programs for the most vulnerable students are essential for youth development.
ENVIRONMENT The southwest side has long been home to industry and other heavy polluting sites. Going forward, we must ensure that all development is responsible and mindful of the footprint it may bring to surrounding communities. To accomplish many of these goals, the local governments must be able to work with leadership at every level of government.
JOBS AND THE ECONOMY Small business communities have been strongly affected by the pandemic-induced economic challenges. Local governments must be creative and look for ways to incentivize the development and preservation of business corridors in their communities. Additionally, workers have also faced new challenges, so we must remain committed to protecting their rights on the job.